Student Shot at Atlanta Middle School
A 14-year-old student at Price Middle School in Atlanta was shot in the head or neck on Thursday afternoon. The student was taken to the hospital; his condition has not been officially released, but reports say that he is alert, conscious and breathing.
71 Year Old Florida Man Shots Robbers At Internet Cafe [VIDEO]
And the 2012 Florida citizen of the year award goes to...Samuel Williams! Last Friday (07-13-12) at Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala, Florida two armed suspects entered the business with the intent to rob the owner and the patrons. That's what they intended to do, until Williams a CCW (Conceal Carr…
Man Shoots Train in Bizarre Act of Revenge
After a train killed his friend, Mark Anthony Bruce decided the best way to seek revenge was, well, to try to kill a train himself.
To accomplish this ill-conceived vengeance, the 47-year old Tennessee man allegedly approached a train that was stopped on the railroad tracks near where his friend, a d…