Did You Get The Bread and Milk?
I guess because I was born in a northern state, South Dakota to be exact, I don't understand why Lawtonian's completely FREAK OUT when the weather forecast calls for a little snow or cold.  If you check the grocery store shelves at this very moment I guarantee there is not one loaf of bread or one g…
This Guy has a Bread and Milk Meltdown! [VIDEO]
Let's face it, Oklahoma isn't use to all the snow and ice that 'Mother Nature' is dumping on us the past few days. With the recent snow fall being so early it makes me wonder what she has in store for us this Winter. From what everyone's been saying this could be one of the …
Dog Just Can’t Handle the Snow
Looks like Scooter bit off more than she could chew when deciding to go adventuring through the snow. But can you blame her? Who doesn't yen for playtime when flakes start a-falling?
10 Dogs Who Aren’t Happy About the Snow
Snow is one of the greatest inventions of good ol' Mother Nature. Sure it can be a pain sometimes, but the stuff is also really cool! Take making awesome snowmen, for example. Can you do that with rain? Wind? Sunshine? No, because snow rules.
Dreaming of a White Christmas? YouTube Lets It Snow!
If you haven’t been on YouTube recently, you may not have seen the site’s contribution to the holidays: snow!
Not only does the white stuff fall on search pages, but many videos have a little red snowflake on the right-hand side of the bottom bar.