Student Startled Awake During Lecture
It's usually pretty easy to discreetly catch a few Z's during a college lecture. However, this kid was caught in the act thanks to his ferocious snoring and sudden upwards leap. Sitting in the front row certainly didn't help!
TJ Lane Named a Suspect
We have been following the Chardon High School shooting and bringing you updates. As of yesterday we have found out that three of the five victims have died, and only one has been released from the hospital. The FBI and the local law enforcement have been working the case and even had a susp…
Chardon Shooting Updates
It’s a grim morning for this suburb in Cleveland, Ohio, a high school shooting has made national headlines.  As of right now we are getting several reports, such as four students injured, and one killed. The police have a suspect in custody, but his name is not being released to the public because h…