Insane Rope Swing from a Hot Air Balloon! [VIDEO]
Absolutely insane! It never seems to surprise me the lengths, more like heights some people will go to when it comes to entertainment and thrill seeking. I don't think at anytime during my life, at least so far that I've ever thought to myself "I'd like to hop into a hot air balloon with a wing…
Insane Red Bull Helicopter Stunts! [VIDEO]
I never knew a helicopter could do things like this! Watch insane pilot Chuck Aaron do some incredible, gravity and death defining stunts with his Red Bull helicopter. This guy has balls of solid steel, he takes this chopper and does loops, barrel rolls, stalls, corkscrews, dives and just about ever…
Motorcyclist Dares Death to Take a Ride! [VIDEO]
This motorcyclist goes for a death defying ride through traffic weaving in and out at high speeds and riding just inches away from being killed. Using a bike mounted camera you get a first person view of all the action, luckily he wasn't killed filming this.
Bike Base Jump Goes Horribly Wrong! [VIDEO]
This guy is lucky to be alive after a failed base jumping attempt. I guess the people filming never thought to stop him or mention the fact this is a really, really bad ideal. He jumped his bike off the side of a mountain and attempted to open a parachute, attempted to open!

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