stupid people

Texting Woman Walks Off Cliff
Texting while driving? Dangerous. Texting while walking? Generally just a bit impolite if you're in a crowded area.
At least, that's normally the case. If you live near a cliff, it might not be a great idea.
Squirrel Bites Boy, He Had It Coming [VIDEO]
No matter how many times I say it some people just don't get it. Real wildlife isn't like what you see on Disney films! Real animals can't talk, they typically don't hang out with other species like their friends and most importantly real animals can and will harm you if you&apos…
We Now Have Proof: Female Fails! [VIDEO]
Women are beautiful, elegant and graceful...Rarely are these lovely creatures caught on video in the undignified and horrific less than lady like tragedy of an "EPIC FAIL"...Until now! There's just something indescribably hilarious when it comes to the female fail. For years mankind has po…
Global Warming Solved [VIDEO]
If you're trying to find an answer or better yet end global warming you're too late. This lady has a brilliant plan to solve the problem. All we need to do is put this into action & that will be the end of it. This women should be next in line for either a lobotomy or a major scien…