trick shots

Epic Trick Shot- Lighting a Firecracker With a Bullet! [VIDEO]
With this Saturday being the Fourth of July it's the perfect time to do this epic trick shot. It's as American as it gets, firearms and firecrackers what a way to celebrate your independence! Watch in amazement as I ignite the fuse on a firecracker with a bullet.
Ping Pong Trick Shots [VIDEO]
What happens when you give a group of 5 insane guys with a bunch of ping pong balls (including the worlds largest ping pong ball), a bunch of Pringles cans (including the worlds largest Pringles can), a sling shot, a guy in a panda suit, a guy dressed as Mr...
Sexy and Amazing Pool Trick Shots [VIDEO]
Another killer video from Florian Kohler better known as Venom. This guy has to be one of the greatest trick shot pool players around. He's an amazing talent, I could only dream of being this good. I love billiards, I don't get to play very often and I'm not that good but I really enjoy it. This guy…