valentine's day

5 Ways to Recover From a Valentine’s Day Blunder
(Guys always screw up on Valentine's Day. Smethanie tells you how to recover.)
It's Valentine's Day. Love is in the air. Well, Hallmark claims it is at least. Babies are on the loose, shooting unregistered weapons at unsuspecting strangers. If you pla
Conan O’Brien Facebook Cards Will Steal Your Valentine
This Valentine’s Day, Conan is here to help. Last year, the late-night host launched a series of video F-cards, which you can send to your friends on Facebook. F-cards are a lot like E-Cards only, well, blunter. With Valentine’s just around the corner, Conan has …
Slayer Hate-Filled Candy Jar is Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day
Slayer are offering a thoroughly metallic twist on those popular Valentine’s Day treats known as “conversation hearts” as only Kerry King and co. can. You know ‘em – those pink, white and yellow hard candies with phrases like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Kiss Me’ etched on them. Well, the Slayer version of said ca…

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