New Sport Combines Boxing and Chess [VIDEO]
There are things in this world that just go perfectly together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese and even steak and potatoes. But what about chessboxing? A new sport that is taking over Europe, where 'athletes' box and play chess in alternating rounds! And you won't be…
Big Wheel Racing Should Be a Professional Sport
Professional cycling really don’t impress us much. These guys have been chemically and physically engineered from birth to become pedal monsters and ride biked made by NASA engineers that could withstand the wind resistance produced by a nuclear holocaust.
10 Awesome Videos of Marshmallow Peep Torture
Whether you’re a devout church-goer or just someone who enjoys hunting for eggs way too much, there is one Easter tradition that can bring all of humanity together: Marshmallow Peeps. These colorful blobs of gooey, cute deliciousness have stolen the hearts and minds of every future d…

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