Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Top Kills [VIDEO]
As we all gather together on the FPS servers worldwide, preparing ourselves for the release of Call Of Duty: Ghosts, it only seems fitting to remember the best that BlOpsII had to offer. If you've ever YouTubed Call of Duty, you'll know Anoj's Top 10 series.
So We Were Talking About Volbeat… [VIDEO]
We were talking about Volbeat today, and just how insanely awesome they are. I understand, this probably isn't news to you... but it more than likely is to one friend everyone has that's like three years behind on current culture. I was almost that guy...
Living On A Prayer – Goat Edition [VIDEO]
As a product of the "hencho en internet" generation, there are very few things on the web that still surprise me. You've probably seen it all too. From the ferociously entertaining, to the awesomely disgusting... Been there, seen it, probably facebooked it and opened the Pando…
Green Day, ‘Kill the DJ’ – New Video
Although frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was briefly hospitalized over the weekend in Italy, Green Day has released a brand-new music video for ‘Kill the DJ.’ The video flips between shots of the band members riding through the desert on motorcycles and scenes from a gig in a cro…

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