Halestorm Discuss Randy Blythe, Glee + More
As Halestorm’s stock continues to rise with the release of their latest disc ‘The Strange Case Of…,’ the band is on a nonstop road trip bringing their live show to fans across the country. In a new interview with WGRD 97.9, the band checked in to cha…
Bizarre Study Finds Drivers Try to Hit Animals [VIDEO]
It should be considered a brilliant leap in the telling of humanity whenever the real face of the human condition is exposed – especially when it exposes the wrath of cold-blooded rubber animal killers.
That’s what we said — rubber animal killers.
Is This Husband’s Car Crash Prank Funny or Cruel?
There are funny pranks and those that are just plain cruel. This one, where a husband convinces his wife that they’re about to be creamed by a semi truck in a head-on collision, is definitely more the latter. Hey, this could be grounds for divorce, buddy.
Dolphin Mourns Dead Baby Calf For Days [VIDEO]
Scientists believed that elephants, besides humans, were the only other species that could mourn. However, a tourist in South China captured this heartbreaking video of a female dolphin carrying her dead baby calf on her back and now it’s time to revise that theory! Watch the video!
Dave Grohl Releases New Trailer for ‘Sound City’ Documentary
Don’t worry. The documentary about the legendary Sound City Studios, in Van Nuys, Calif., that’s being produced and directed by Dave Grohl is still on the way. In fact, a third teaser trailer about the ‘Sound City’ flick has just been posted, which you can check out below. And by teaser, we kind of …
Explore the Holy City of the Wichitas [VIDEO]
If you've recently moved to Lawton for work, school, or family – then you are probably wondering if there’s anything fun to do in this town? Our small community offers plenty of opportunities to get out of your home and have fun. Explore the Lawton Discovery Trail with us …
Death Metal Goes Disney [VIDEO]
You may have seen the trend of some death metal bands having fun and redoing popular Top-40's in traditional death metal fashion.
Vampire Weekend Debut New Song in Cleveland
Two weeks ago we learned that Vampire Weekend were “80 percent” done with their first album since 2010′s ‘Contra.’ On Thursday (July 12), the band felt comfortable enough with one of them to give the song its debut at the House of Blues in Clev…

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