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Most Cringe-Worthy Sorority Recruitment Video Ever?
The University of Alabama Panhellenic Society produced this musical number to convince freshman to rush the college’s sororities.
While it’s too soon to tell if this message resonated with the class of 2015, the video has already become a bona fide hit on the internet …
Facebook Creeping Immortalized in Song [VIDEO]
Let’s face it. We’ve all Facebook-stalked somebody we used to date, or somebody we’d like to date, or even somebody we’re currently dating. YouTube personality Jessica Frech has immortalized this cultural touchstone in her song “F…
Best NASCAR Prayer Ever Is Now A Song [VIDEO]
Everyone who is a NASCAR fan remembers Pastor Joe Nelms pre-race prayer at the NASCAR Nationwide series race in Nashville TN July 23, 2011. But now that prayer has been turned into a song ! Here is the original and the song version, enjoy
John Stamos and Bob Saget Teach You How to Cuddle [VIDEO]
While John Stamos could probably just get by on his good looks and ‘Full House’ residuals, the famous Lothario is also an expert cuddler, who — along with aide Bob Saget — generously shares tips on spooning and light petting in the College Humor short, “John S…
Is This Super-Scary Dog Possessed by the Devil? [VIDEO]
In response to having his belly rubbed, this already devilish-looking pooch seems to growl out the phrase “I like Satan.” And that’s not even the most demonic thing he does — brace yourself for an ear-splitting snarl at the end of the clip.
Warning: T…
Man Gets a Reverse Haircut in Clever Short [VIDEO]
A drastic haircut can be a traumatizing experience. But what if you could get your old look back in a snap?
Tom Offer Westort and his friend Peter Simon got inspired by Tom’s decision to shear off all his head and facial hair and created this clever stop-motion video in which his extreme haircut is s…

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