How to Properly Skin a Watermelon [VIDEO]
You're just a few short minutes away from learning how to properly skin a watermelon impressing the hell out of everyone at your next party or backyard BBQ. While Summer is quickly coming to an end a lot of people, especially fair weather grillers, consider Labor Day weekend the last big get togethe…
How to Properly Slice a Watermelon [VIDEO]
Hot, yet cold and juicy! Some serious melon on melon action right here! Watch as this busty beauty teaches you how to slice a watermelon. This is really important stuff so pay attention.
Top 3 Places to Buy Homegrown Watermelons in the Lawton Area
Watermelons - they’re sweet, enticing, and you usually get them from late spring until early fall. You can see them in the stores as early as March, but in order to get the best homegrown watermelons from the Lawton area fruit stands, you will have to wait until late summer.