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Woman Dies in McDonald’s Line And Staff Keeps on Serving [POLL]
You thought bathing in a KFC kitchen sink was bad? What about workers standing on your lettuce at Burger King? Turns out McDonald's has all you beat after they keep serving food after a customer died in the restaurant! What did they do with the body you ask? Read more and find out!
A Husband Posts ‘Rape My Wife’ ad on Craigslist
What is going on in this world today – any one with an Internet access and a little knowledge can post a ridiculous ad on Craigslist – cue the insane Idaho husband who posted an ad on Craigslist soliciting strangers to rape his wife. But did anyone actually respond to his ad?
Employees Get $7,500 From Boss to Take a Vacation
Right about now you are sitting reading this with a beer in one hand and a tornado of thoughts about your crappy boss and your suck day. How could that sorry S.O.B. make me stay late to handle his B.S. or something of that nature, right? Maybe you should print this article out and staple it to his f…
‘Rafting Gone Wild’ Gets Predictably Crazy
Over the weekend, 4000 revelers took to tubes of varying sizes and set up shop on the Sacramento-area American River for an afternoon billed as ‘Rafting Gone Wild.’ But instead of just the good booze-and-bikini fueled kind of wild, the event descended into a…

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