Help The Homeless Like a YouTube Vlogger! [VIDEO]
We've all seen the videos on YouTube where a vlogger passes out cash to the homeless or does something nice for someone else seemingly without the expectation of reward. There's dozens if not hundreds of these supposed "feel good faith in humanity" type videos on the inte…
Brilliant Comeback to YouTube Comment Prank [VIDEO]
Watch as this guy walks up to perfect strangers and attempts to strike up a conversation using YouTube comments. What starts off as a prank ends quickly when he runs across someone with the perfect comeback. The hilarity ensues at the (2:16) mark but the whole video is good. You just never know, the…
Every YouTube Gamer That Ever Uploaded a Video [VIDEO]
This video more than accurately depicts every single gamer who's currently on YouTube. From known facts and trivia to classic arcade opinions, it's all here. CollegeHumor even captures the language and slang most gamers use in their videos.

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