Next week, October 17th through the 21st, you'll be able to take a ghostly walking tour of Oklahoma City, hosted and guided by supernatural historian and author Jeff Provine.

Now, any search for 'haunted OKC' will no doubt return thousands of results. There are mysteries that shroud 'The City' still to this day that can't quite be explained. It's just natural of any populated metro.

Among hearing tales of horror and the unexplained, you'll also hear about other taboos such as the first death that mysteriously followed the '89 land run, rumored hidden tunnels that are said to be buried far and wide beneath OKC, and the haunted Skirvin Hotel outside of Bricktown.

There are several reviews of guide/author Jeff Provine online, and the friends I've had experience his expertise had nothing but positive things to say about him. Sounds like a good time indeed.

All of the details can be found on the Official Jeff Provine website, along as a few event pages hosted over on facebook. Check it out, it could be a spooktacular way to spend an evening.