It's happened to us all, if not I'm sure it'll happen to you soon. It happened to me over the Thanksgiving holiday while making a quick trip to the store for some last minute groceries. I'm standing in the isle & this guy starts talking to me, or so I thought he was talking to me. He says: "Are you having a good Thanksgiving" & starts making small talk so I tell him my holiday is going great, we're in town visiting family & almost forgot to pick up some bread for the all important turkey sandwiches after the big meal. He then says: "Hold on a minute this guy keeps talking to me" he looks at me and points to his head at his Blue Tooth, which I didn't notice until he points it out & says: "I'm on the phone". Sadly this isn't the first time this has happen & unfortunately it won't be the last. Here's kind of how it went:

Hell I might end up on one of these videos someday. Is it just me or do you hate it when people walk around stores or really any public place broadcasting their conversations & talking on the phone to the point of annoyance? I might look like a dumb ass for thinking someone's talking to me while using a Blue Tooth but at least I can make it to the store & back without having to be on the phone the entire time. It's even worse when these people are at the check out & can't get off the phone long enough to even do that. They just keep talking, fumbling around for money & making the rest us wait because they're that important. Hang up the f#@king phone you self absorbed douche bag!