Xbox 720 the 'Next Generation' of Microsoft's Xbox consoles will be officially unveiled on Tuesday, May 21st (05-21-13) at 12:00pm CST on Xbox Live, and Spike T.V. The gaming world continues to wait impatiently, luckily for us we do have a few sneak peaks and rumors to help us make it to May 21st   

The new console has been nicknamed the 'Xbox 720' on blogs, posts and throughout the enter internet gaming community. However, this hasn't yet been officially confirmed by Xbox.

Some of the other names we've heard the new console called include: The Infinity, Next Gen and at this time most at Microsoft refer to it as project Durango. Even the name of the new Xbox is a guarded secret within Microsoft, no matter what it's called I'm looking forward to it! After all what's in a name? It's all about the functions and features! From what I've seen so far the new console delivers both in spades! We'll stick to calling it the Xbox 720 for now.

The new 720 promises to be a lot more than a gaming console, it's the central hub of your home entertainment. The foundation, a bedrock to build your entire entertainment upon! With exclusive Xbox Live content, sports, movies, social networking, web browsing, music and of course gaming.

Little's known about the new 720, but the geek boards and gaming forums are full of speculation, rumor and opinions of what the new console will deliver. So far we still haven't seen what the new Xbox 720 will look like, but there's plenty "Concept Art". Some have been passed off as official, but until it's announced by Microsoft it's anyone's guess at this time. Take a look at some of the photos below that show what the new 720 could look like, as well as the controllers. The 1st picture in the gallery is the most popular. Supposedly it was leaked from industry insiders. Take a look:



Again at this time we have no idea exactly what the new Xbox 720 will look like, but if the "Concept Art" is anywhere near close it looks pretty cool. Another point of concern and conversation is whether or not the new console will be backwards compatible. I certainly hope so, there's lots of 360 titles that are somewhat current and older favorites.

While it's not confirmed yet, I've heard arguments on both sides. Some say due to the new processors the 720 won't be backwards compatible, others say Microsoft is working on a patch as well as a possible online solution to the problem. Using the internet to re-code when playing older games. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Another rumor surrounding the 720 is the "Always on" internet connection giving gaming companies more control of releases, licensing and updates. This has upsides and downsides. Supposedly an internet connection will be required in order to play games, even off line. Again this hasn't been 100% confirmed we'll find out Tuesday, May 21st

So what about games? There's all kinds of talk about which titles will be available at launch. Some of the games mentioned so far include: Human Element, Rainbow 6: Patriots, Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, Destiny, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Whore of the Orient, Thief, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Halo 5, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, Sniper Elite 3, Lords of the Fallen and Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. Those are just a few of the titles that are rumored to be a part of the launch.

One of the more interesting functions or features of the new 720 is Microsoft's IllumiRoom augmented reality peripheral projector. It takes the Kinect to a whole new level by transforming your living room or man cave into a virtual world, placing you into the game and all the action! More and more games and entertainment will feature the 'New Generation' of Kinect and IllumiRoom. Check out the video below of what you can expect:


I can't wait until Tuesday, May 21st to see what all Microsoft has in store for the new Xbox. From everything that I've seen so far they plan to release the 720, or whatever they're calling it by Christmas 2013 if not sooner! Right now the rumored suggested retail price is $299.99 and another version with additional or expanded items and memory for $499.99 The higher end Xbox is rumored to include discounted Xbox Live subscriptions.

There's even talk of a mini-Xbox or mobile hand held unit. Or the inclusion of Xbox games and features for smart phones, tablets, laptops and more. We have lots to look forward to with the 'Next Generation' of Microsoft's Xbox!