For three weeks NFL fans have subjected to torture with replacements referees of their beloved Thursday, Sunday, and Monday games. Late last week the fans were granted an eight year reprieve when the NFL struck a deal with the regular referees and they were promptly returned to the game of football. See the reaction of the fans to the regular refs.

When the officials walked onto the field of play this past Sunday they were greeted by cheers of adulation and nonstop applause. But, that was quickly all wiped away as they regular referees began their normal tradition of calling correct penalties and taking away passes that were dropped, voiding touchdown receptions, and finding every little holding call. This was especially true for Green Bay Packers fans as they felt as if they were still dealing with the replacement refs for most of the game. Despite the one point win the team and fans of Green Bay feel as if they are getting the short end of the deal.

The fans could not believe that this could be happening to them again with the regular referees back in action. At the end of the game everything worked out and the Packers eeked out with a one point win over the New Orleans Saints. I just say to those fans who are back to the old habits of whining and complaining about the calling of their three day a week ritual, it could always be worse. See the how the officials were greeted on Sunday as they took the field.