Like everything else defensive ammo and calibers have developed, expanded and improved throughout the years due to new technologies and inventive breakthroughs. The latest offering comes from G2R (G2 Research) and their incredible R.I.P. round. This has to be one of the most significant breakthroughs in personal defense ammunition in the past 20 years! This makes standard loads look puny in comparison.

At this time G2R offers the new R.I.P. round in 9mm and .380 with plans for additional calibers and variations to possibly include rifles and shotguns. So what separates the R.I.P. round from all other personal defense cartridges? It's a fragmenting hollow point that upon impact and during penetration break apart and creates several wound channels as it passes through the target. It's a devastating round and for the most part, besides the center of the projectile, remains within the target, so it's a perfect choice for personal defense.

Watch the video bellow and see for yourself the effectiveness of the R.I.P. round from G2R. Earlier this week I posted a video from Tracking Point Labs that shows recent optic and wearable technologies and their applications to the shooting sports and military uses. You can check that out here. Now see what the R.I.P. round can do!