Lock up your daughters, hell while you're at it lock up your Mom too, Steel Panther are here! They took the 'Main Stage' today (05-26-13) at Rocklahoma 2013 They're currently out on the road in support of their latest album 'Balls Out'. Speaking for myself I'm ready for some new Panther and hope they return to the studio sometime soon to give us another obnoxious offering! It's like a drug! They're funny as hell, but great musicians as well!

I LOVE THESE GUYS! But not in a gay way, not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, if that's your thing and all rock on! If I were gay these guys are certainly pretty enough to think about in that way, really pretty. Any way back to the mighty Steel Panther and their absolutely hilarious, yet rocking, ass kicking show here at Rocklahoma! Half the audience got the joke, the other half didn't know what the hell to think!

Imagine every conceivable 80's hair band cliche all thrown into a blender and mixed at excessive speeds, then pored out and served with a tiny umbrella and bendy straw. The big hair, make up, outrageous outfits, colorful guitars complete with neon animal prints, cheesy stage choreographed movements and above all else, marshmallow lyrics! Only two words could possibly describe this band f#@king awesome! That covers it, check 'em out live:

Steel Panther live from the 'Main Stage' at Rocklahoma 2013

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