Z94 and Loudwire.com have teamed up to bring you the top ten stage dives of all time! Like everything else stage diving has evolved throughout the years as each band, artist and fan take it to new levels of extreme. The humble origins of the stage dive are often credited to Iggy Pop and the Stooges. While it's unknown the exact date, time or place of the first stage dive, Iggy Pop was certainly one of the first artists to leap off stage into the crowd during concerts.

Since then more and more bands as well as fans have adopted the practice and have brought mainstream popularity to the spectacle. Once thought of as a rock or metal phenomenon exclusive to the format, now stage diving has become a part of rap, top 40 and almost every other genre of music, even country!

The modern day stage dive has been taken to new heights, literally! Once content to just jump off the stage into the crowd, today's artists climb on speaker stacks, lighting, stage rigging and everything else adding even more danger to this already hazardous activity. Not only are they diving from greater heights, but they're also adding in flips and other aerial acrobatics to really make a statement. Take a look at our top ten stage dives of all time and vote for your favorite.