Magic can be a powerful force if one can use it correctly. Some of the greatest wizards in history spend many years training to become powerful in the mystical art. Same with the Force, a binding, metaphysical power that Jedi and Sith alike spend years trying to understand and master. Now, what if both of these powers were locked into battle, would a Force-user or Magic-user come out on top?

Youtuber RackaRacka puts it to the test by having a battle of epic proportions with two people using every possible power at their disposal from the 'Harry Potter' and 'Star Wars' universe. Lightsabers, Godric Gryffindors' Sword, Blasters, Brooms, Wands and yes even the Force.

Still craving some more Force on Magic action? Well Screwattack's DeathBattle series have even done their own Force and Magic battle with Luke Skywalker taking on Harry Potter using every skill and power that these two combatants have in their arsenal.

The results are sure to please.