The simple sandbox has now been taken to an all new level thanks to recent technologies. By using a Kinect 3D camera and a projector the sandbox has become a real-time, full color and fully interactive experience! I don't know when or if these will ever be available to the general public, but if they are I'll be first in line! Check out the amazing video!

The augmented reality sandbox was originally developed by U.C. Davis and W.M. Keck of the Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences for informal science education. Sure they're educational and could be used to teach people about land types, topography, mapping and geography. However the entertainment value is as high, if not higher than it's educational merits. Especially for myself.

As a kid I spent countless hours in the sand and dirt creating entire worlds of every imaginable type. My friends and I would build elaborate roadways, buildings and scenery using hands, Tonka Trucks and anything and everything else we thought we could use to construct our ideal site.

I was much more than a construction laborer, foreman, contractor, engineer or architect. I was an omnipotent deity who's wrath and infinite power was feared by all. After spending hours creating the perfect universe complete with Hotwheels, Army Men and all sorts of activity and inhabitants I would utterly destroy it all!

Imagine that in A.G. full color, interactive and in 3-D! Maybe it's just me...