Get the right tool for the job! Throughout the years I've heard this same statement uttered hundreds, if not thousands of of times. Having the right tool for the job makes life easier and in this case could very well save your life! Behold the greatest zombie gun ever created in the history of mankind! These guys took a regular everyday Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 / .223 and fully accessorized it with all the necessary zombie apocalypse goodies! There's a suppressor, lasers, lights, extra mags, a bipod, three scopes zeroed at various ranges and a whole lot more all conveniently attached to one completely bad ass rifle. It's the one gun every person should own! When you absolutely, positively have to dispatch every undead mother f#@ker in the room...The AR-15 / .223 Zombie...Accept no substitutions! It's tacti-cool!