Recently Kelso and I have been spending tons of time online playing GTA V, before that Call of Duty: Ghosts was our video game obsession. Around the office we typically annoy others with our gaming and geek talk, we go on and on about the hilarious fails, trolling and general stupidity that is our gaming sessions. Hopefully we'll be able to share some of these not so stellar moments with you soon, especially GTA V.

Some of the things you do in video games you could never do in real life, while others would be weird, creepy or make no sense at all. Unless of course you're a gamer. That explains all the blank stares and confusion when we run around the office doing some of stupid stuff you're a bout to see. The crew at YouTube Channel BuzzFeedVideo have a created a funny video that shows some of the things that would make no sense in the real world, but are a big part of video games.