Vigilante justice has been served with a soda and a side of fries! Three people idiots were fired from the jobs at a Burger King fast food restaurant in Mayfield Hieghts, Oh. for posting a picture on a social media website.

See the shocking photo! When will young people, thanks for making me sound old, learn that there are consequences for every single action and most times people will care what you do! I am not saying I am innocent of pulling pranks of customers at former jobs but I was raised to have a slight moral compass. Although, over the years it seems to have deviated more and more...I should probably have that looked at one day. Anyway, back to the other people who really screwed up. The three employees arrived at the hair-brained conclusion that it would so cool to post a picture of them standing on bins of lettuce that will used to garnish customers orders throughout the day.

After the picture was posted on a social media website local customers became enraged and used the G.P.S. data that was embedded in the photo to track down which of the home of Whopper was home to the three misguided stooges. Customers berated the manager until he finally gave in and fired all three employees. The question that first comes to mind is why did it take so long to convince the manager to fire the employees and is he still a manager?