Three Chicago teens criminals  attacked a disabled man and beat him to death, on top of that those three took a cell phone video of the murder and posted it on their Facebook profiles!  This story is truly despicable and deplorable – find out what else they did to their innocent victim.

Delfino Mora, 62, had a work related injury 15 years ago that prevented him from working. So to make ends meet the father of 12, and grandfather of 23, collected soda cans. On the morning of July 10, Mora was collecting cans, when Malik Jones, 16; Nicholas Ayala, 17 and Anthony Malcolm, 18 attacked Mora.

According to police records Jones punched Mora. As a result of the attack Mora fell down and hit his head. He was found three hours later and pronounced dead at a local hospital the next day.

The teens murderers uploaded a video of the attack and bragged about it on Facebook, finally someone spotted the scary video and tipped the cops. Later that day the police arrested all three of them. Currently they are in jail, held on no bail and charged with first-degree murder.

Do you think these three should be prosecuted as adults?