We're definitely into the summer movie season, where it's more about spectacle than it is about characters and story.

But, even though summer movies have a lot of explosions and special effects, some of the best ones still have decent characters -- especially villains.


According to a poll at Ranker.com, here's a rundown of the Top 10 movie villains of all time:

  1. The Joker
  2. Darth Vader
  3. Hannibal Lecter
  4. Alien
  5. Agent Smith (from The Matrix)
  6. The Terminator
  7. The Predator
  8. Hans Gruber (from Die Hard)
  9. Freddy Krueger
  10. Anton Chigurh (from No Country for Old Men)


Who or what is your favorite movie villain of all time?