Don't know about you, but when I surf the web bored, something magical happens and I end up looking at awesome things like these goods on Amazon!


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    The Yodeling Pickle

    Admit it, you've never thought to yourself "I need a yodeling pickle." But now that you've seen one, you totally want one.

    Described as "Hours of Mindless Entertainment", it's a home run in the time-wasting department because batteries are included!
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    Pop Art Toaster

    Pop art design toasters are awesome, frankly because you can order plates that say anything on them!

    You want to serve up some "**** off!" toast, you can totally do that.

    Makes for a good gift for anyone because it's hilarious, and cheap... Cheap is always good
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    20 Pack of Tattoo Sleeves

    Being a tattoo person myself, you would think I was completely against fake tattoos... But I do think these tattoo sleeves are awesome!

    It let's you be a different "you" for a while, then as easy as pulling off a shirt, you're back to your boring self again.

    The problem with tattoo sleeves is they've always been expensive! But Amazon comes through and offers up the whole set for $13+shipping. Bitchin
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    8-Bit Sunglasses

    As most of us are from the early days of video games, anyone can rock these glasses with a little nerd style.

    It harkens back to the days when gaming consoles didn't need the web or endless updates to play games. And believe it or not, those days are back! There are a ton of gamers going back to Nintendo and SuperNES these days! Mainly because you can plug in and play anywhere, but then again... the games back then ruled.

    Let you buddies know you mean business in a pair of these specs... Plus, the ladies dig 'em... probably

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    101 Things to do with Bacon

    As if you need a reason to own a bacon cook-book, know this... It's a bacon cook-book.

    Every single person should know how to prepare bacon a few dozen ways... and every way should be your favorite! Guy code