Well, here it goes. We love our bands, we listen to them, we wear their gear, we go to their shows. And even though we might be friends with them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter, be a fan on their fan pages, there are still little know facts about our favorite bands that we simply don't know! That's why I set forth to dig in deeper and find little known trivial about the Top 5 Favorite Bands played on Z94.

Little Know facts

  1. Metallica- has recorded only three songs that are currently unreleased- "Sucking My Love,"Let It Loose," "Killing Time."
  2. KISS- Gene Simmons is one of the top fire breathers in the world. He learned that trick from a magician.
  3. Aerosmith- Steven Tyler was a gigolo, gourmet chef, and a park ranger [YEAH WE WERE SHOCKED TO LEARN ABOUT TYLER TOO!!]
  4. Van Halen- The band's original name was Mammoth.

5.Shinedown- released three different versions of their 2005 album Us and Them, a regular, a      thirteen track version and limited edition album that included three bonus songs.

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