For whatever reason, the country still considers the American South as a place full of polite and inviting people. Southern gentlemen and belles alike, with those accents that tend to invite the trusting nature of outsiders. Having lived and/or visited the South, we all know it's not exactly true. This is especially true for Alabama.

Living in Oklahoma, I've never really given a second thought to other states like Alabama. Why the hell would I? There's no reason to plan a vacation there, or rather no valid reason. Sure, every state has it's own manna of tourism, but not Alabama. Their claim to fame is "Visit the Gulf Coast", but that's Florida's thing, as beaches in the "Sunshine State" are hella better. Alabama also tries their hand at recruiting participants for their Mardi Gras celebration...(facepalm)... Who in their right mind skips NOLA's legendary Mardi Gras in lieu of Mobile, Alabama? And according to the tourism website, that's it for tourism in the "Yellowhammer State."

I'll be completely honest with you, the first real thought I lent to Alabama was when that crazy drunk chick went "Full Alabama" in the stands at the Sugar Bowl. And another a few days later when Critter shared his thoughts on this newsy nugget.  Outside of that, you really don't hear much outside of SEC/Crimson Tide/Nick Saban news... until last night

I'm sitting at the casa, doing a little Sunday GTA:V and catching up on the internet shenanigans, when I ran across this. Top Gear gets chased out of Alabama. (the bitchin' BBC version, not our lame US excuse for Top Gear) I watched in out-right hilarity as the events unfolded. It's pretty much indescribable how the events go down, you honestly just have to watch it. It's worth the few minutes you'll spend gazing at it.

Stay classy Alabama