We have heard all of the stories when it comes to groups on tour.  Not just rock bands, but Heavy Metal, Country, Hip Hop, Divas you name it.  They are all picky when it comes down to being pampered.

We have learned that some groups like certain candies, drinks and certain main dishes to be served and exactly what time that they are to be fed.  So if you are on the "giving" end of the rider it can be tedius to say the least.

Take for example the Foo Fighters .  They are going out on tour and their rider reads like a Waffle House menu.  Well not exactly.   According to smokinggun.com they are using it to have fun as they hit the road after a two and a half year hiatus, promoting their new album Wasting Light.

Their veteran road manager Gus Brandt helped put the (are you ready for this) 52 page rider together.  It covers every thing from crew eating times to catering.

It is a puzzle and and there are rewards fo those who complete it and get it all correct.  Like you really have time to be doing a crossword puzzle and preparingh food fo rthe Foo Fighters.

So where do promoters draw the line when it comes to these types of requests?  We'll have to see if another group can top this.