When we go on vacation we run through a mental checklist but, does it ever include high-powered guns or explosives? Checkout the photos of what people have packed in their luggage!

Normally, I just pack sunscreen and shorts when I decide to head out of the door for a vacation. It never occurred to me that I should be including my plastic explosives as well...who know! According to TSA, agents have confiscated 821 weapons in the first half of this year. If you in fact do carry a weapon on your person or in your baggage wouldn't you put that on the checklist of things to remove before flying? I don't get the oh yeah sorry I totally forgot my fake grenade was in my bag. Or the oops yes officer that is my 9mm handgun in my suitcase. Again, I don't own a weapon of any kind so it would not be a second nature for me to always have it and I would certainly be cognoscente of its location.

But some of the other snatched items just are out of this world. Granted I am sure some of them were meant to be used, or at least one would assume, since one of the items was a packet of Symtex eplosives. Now, if Burn Notice has taught me anything I know that the plastic explosive is nothing with out the detonator so I can see how someone could easily dismiss its danger, NOT! Check out some of the other items take from passengers!