Ahhh nothing conjures summer memories of childhood more than parents cheering on their kids at little league baseball games. Unless you happen to live in Georgia, where two fathers forgot what it meant to have sportsmanship. Check out what we mean by that! It all started when a father, Iram King, asked Charles Davidson, the father of another young player, to turn down the music blaring from Mr. Davidson's car. The two men seemed to respect each other at first and that is where it, apparently, all ended.

The men began arguing over players in the game and soon a full-on brawl ensued including a phone call to police who arrest both men when they arrived on the scene. Now, both fathers have a date in a court where hopefully they will remember that this is not an episode of Jerry Springer or Judge Judy and behave like adults. Oh yeah, by the way, two teams of young children played a child's game of baseball and went home to have mac and cheese and ice cream.

Check out the jaw-dropping video

What kind of community service do you think the judge should have them do?