We can’t decide if this is the coolest or the weirdest video we’ve seen - British scientists have captured the formation of the face in the womb and it’s not what we expected it to be. Watch the surprising video.

The short clip shows how our face is created only three months after conception. Scientists were able to do so by using scanned 3D images taken during the first trimester.

“This whole amazing process – the bits coming together to produce a recognizable human face – happens in the womb between two and three months,” says Mosley. “If it doesn’t happen then, it never will.”

We’ve watched the clip several times and I have to say it’s pretty amazing to see how fast science is advancing.


The clip produced by BBC for their original series ‘Inside the Human Body’ focuses on exploring the human body using cutting edge graphics and modern technology.

I don’t know about you – but they've captured my attention. I will make sure to TiVo the rest of this show.