We finally made it to Rocklahoma 2014! We're a little late to the party and missed some of the bands for day one, but luckily our sister station 106.3 The Buzz out of Wichita Falls helped cover the bases until we arrived. A BIG thanks a hell of a lot to Johnny Thrash and Aaron Galloway for suiting up and showing up!

Click here to check out the interview with Five Finger Death Punch! They also had the chance to talk with Seether earlier today, watch that here. Now that were here we'll be live from "Radio Row" throughout the "Memorial Day" weekend. You'll want to keep it tuned to Z94 for updates and exclusive coverage provided in part by our friends at The Vapor Hut. You'll also want to check the site often for all the front and backstage action and insanity, We'll have artist interviews, photos, videos and MORE!

We'd like to thank A.E.G Live and their kick ass concert crew: Chamie McCurry, Bronson Marshall, Kristine Ashton, Michelle Love and the rest of the gang for the invite and letting Z94 and 106.3 The Buzz invade Rocklahoma for another year.

It's gonna be one hell of a party! I can't think of a better way to spend "Memorial Day" weekend than a big all American, star spangled, red, white and blue BASH! "Life liberty & the pursuit of rock." Now, I'm getting off here to go absorb copious amounts of live rock and God knows what else. Sounds like Hellyeah are taking to the "Hardrock" stage...