What seems like days after Westboro Baptist decided to not hold a funeral for founder Fred Phelps, they're back on the path to Moore, Oklahoma

If you remember, Westboro vowed to picket the funerals of the children that died in Moore's F5 last Spring. (Something they're planning on doing again, skip to the bottom for that info) A move that incited a deep hatred from, well, just about every person in Oklahoma. Completely understandable. I'm surprised nobody has been shot yet.

Constantly protected by their first amendment rights, hoping someone will do something equally stupid in turn so they can sue to make money. It's pure legal shenanigans.

Skip forward, and one of my buddies has hopped in the mix. He owns a liquor store in Moore, and just so happened to put Westboro in his crosshairs.

The store my buddy runs is known around these parts by the stuff he manages to stuff on his marquee (that's a sign if you can't read good) He decided to go tongue in cheek and celebrate the passing of Westboro Baptist leader Fred Phelps.


A tip of the hat from an old friend indeed. If you're not following Moore Liquor on facebook and twitter, you're just missing the boat.

It appears that Westboro Baptist is taking the sign a little hard. They're currently 'unofficially' talking about picketing the Moore Liquor store later this week.

What is the bigger news is the fact that these Kansas douche bags are planning another picket for Plaza Towers Elementary again this Sunday, April 6th at 2pm. I say we load up and go slap these guys in the junk.