Even 21 years after the release of the conclusion to one of the greatest trilogies ever, people still can’t get enough of the Back to the Future franchise.

Recently, one of the original DeLoreans used during the filming of Back to the Future 3 was auctioned off to the public with part of the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. When all was said and done, the winning bid was for $541,200.

The DeLorean DMC-12 was the highlight of a two day auction of some ridiculous BTTF memorabilia courtesy of “Profiles in History.” Ridiculous mainly because of the price tags that some of these items went for– Marty’s jacket from 1955 went for $36,000, the Gray’s Sports Almanac went for $11,000 and the original Mattel Hoverboard went for over $27,000.

For the past eight years, the car has been restored to the fullest by a private collector. So the winner of the ride won’t have to worry about a rip in the fuel line or the time circuits acting up on you. It’s been in good hands. Also the suspension has been replaced and a roll cage and V-6 engine were installed so hitting 88 mph will be much easier. Time travel will be a cinch.

It makes a guy want to go back in time and almost sleep with his mom. Kidding. Vodka works just fine for that.

[via FoxNews]