For as long as I can remember, I've never entertained the thought of having kids of my own. That being said, over the last few years, I've come to like kids. I've gotten to watch my nephews grow up day by day, and they've let me be to cool "do whatever you want & I'll play along" uncle. It was amazing to watch those little humans grow into their own little person. Their personalities are so different, yet both of my nephews are so awesome.

I've spent so much time around them that a few months ago, I thought to myself that maybe kids might be in the cards for me. Maybe I could be a good dad one day... and I then make the mistake of going out in public, where everyones bitchy little turd-mongers thrive. Walking around the grocery store, kids screaming, parents walking around like zombies with that "I've given up on life" blank stare in their eyes... I'm back on the "No Kids Ever" train... Living life, no kids, almost second guessing that decision, and a video like this pops out and completely concretes that belief!

If you've already made that child mistake (and I use 'mistake' lightly, I know you've grown to love your kids) please don't become these guys!