So I ordered some things from WalMart for the holidays, presents and what not to complete the gift list for the family. Toys for the nephews to tide their little hearts until their birthdays in summer, plus a new tool for my pops so he can escape his personal torment... Yeah, torment. Given the scope of size versus the size of the box, I'd be curious how much waste is in this hilarious process of shipping. You see, my dad is an avid fisherman, so he carries a little Leatherman tool with him everywhere he goes. (along with a rod and reel) Being a fan of polymer braided lines, you can't just chew through that stuff like you can mono anymore, he needs a little pair of scissors. Well, a few months back, my dad went to court to support an in-law, and apparently they check for "weapons" these days at the door. Understandable I suppose, but it's a little strange to think a micro-tool could be physically used as a weapon.

Exhibit A

My Leatherman

As you can see, extremely dangerous...











So the fuzz took his tool from him. Luckily, he knew that he had a second one back at home in a box. (he gets crap like that all this time in his line of work, call it Chemistry Swag) He left it in the courts possession when all was said and done and went back home afterwards.

Getting ready for a morning on the lake last spring, he remembered to find that little gift box containing a pristine little replacement Leatherman Micra tool he would need for the day... and much to his surprise, when he opened the box, there it was... in all of it's pink glory. It was freaking PINK!!! Not that it affects it's functionality or anything, but his fishing buddies in the back woods of Ponca City, Oklahoma had a field day with it. I felt bad for the old man. I encouraged him to go purchase a new one, but being the frugal man he is, he decided to use it until it wore out. Given Leatherman's history, it'll be a while.

So when shopping online looking for presents, it hit me... Get him a new tool for xmas! So I ordered him one like mine, in black, and I've been patiently waiting for it to show up at the local WalMart so I can get it wrapped and checked off the list. After several delays due to this icy weather, today was the day.

I managed to con Critter into swinging by there, admittingly under a slightly false pretense, but we do what we have to be cheap and save that gas! The lovely lady at the site-to-store walked in the back and showed back up with two boxes. The first a gift for the nephews, and the other far too big to be for my pops soon-to-be new Leatherman. Did a quick check, and sure enough, that was it. Now, I'm not a fan of wasteful things, but I'm no tree-hugger either... but this is ridiculously unintentionally hilarious.

Courtesy of Critter's Fancy Phone

Thanks for the laugh random person at some shipping center in New Jersey