You thought bathing in a KFC kitchen sink was bad? What about workers standing on your lettuce at Burger King? Turns out McDonald's has all you beat after they keep serving food after a customer died in the restaurant! What did they do with the body you ask? Read more and find out! It was a chilly day and it was about lunch time when a Bosnian woman walked in to McDonald's in Sebenik, Croatia. The woman said she wasn't feeling well before she walked into the restaurant and by the time she got to the counter to place her order she dropped dead of a fatal heart attack. Workers and patrons alike tried to revive the woman who was visiting the country from Denmark. Alas, their efforts were in vain because the woman's spirit had left the building.

Now, here in Amur'ca we have just a hint more common sense of what to do with the restaurant at this point, or I at least hope we do. At this point I am pretty sure emergency workers would arrive very quickly and remove the body and police would temporarily shut down the restaurant to wrap up paperwork and what not. But, that is not how things are done in the Good 'Ol sir, they just slide the barely warm corpse to the side, toss a napkin on the head and continue right on with serving customers.

According to some reports the body gently cooled in the corner for about an hour and half until coroners showed up to retrieve the late customer and, well, do what ever it is that Croatians do with dead people. Representatives for the fast food chain say that the media, of course, has greatly exaggerated reports about both time and remaining open. Company reps say that they did close the inside of the restaurant but continue to serve food through the drive-thru and the body was only there for a matter of minutes not and hour and half as reported.

I still question the decision to continue to serve food in a restaurant that contained a dead body for any amount of time. I think we are old enough to know that the process of suddenly passing on is not a clean one. A person does not just turn bluish white and stare blankly at the ceiling. Generally the dearly departed looses control, because you're dead, of all bodily functions and evacuates the contents of the human waste system.

So long story short there would be a potty mess to deal with after the body as left for the day.

Would you still eat from a fast joint if you knew a person had died in there?