The epic love story –Bella and Edward – is coming to an end. The official movie trailer for the Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn 2 was released a few days ago and fans are expressing their feelings on every single social media outlet they can find. But one fan’s reaction to the trailer got us rolling on the floor laughing! Watch the hilarious video!

Watch the Ridiculously Funny Video

WOW. It’s been 4 years since we first heard of Bella and Edward. Ever since then we’ve been bombarded with: are you a Team Jacob or a Team Edward questions. Neither in case you are wondering. I’ve read the books and I think they are OK, but when it comes to the movies – I am not so sure. Maybe it’s the weird make up on Edward’s face, or the constant lip biting by Bella, or the whole ‘I’m a vegetarian vampire’ idea – but the movies simply never stuck with me.

What about you - are you a fan of the Twilight Saga?