Someone posted an interesting question on Reddit yesterday:  "Guys, what inappropriate questions about girls have you always wanted answers to?"  So guys posted questions, and women very kindly and patiently responded.

Here are the top eight questions that came out of the discussion - and the answers.

  • 1

    Do you self-pleasure while thinking about your male friends?

    Almost all women said no, unless it was someone they'd been with before. A lot of women said it felt gross or wrong to think about their male friends that way.

  • 2

    What's it like having breasts?

    Women agreed they feel heavy and can get irritating when they run or exercise, they're a good place to stick your own hands for warmth when it's cold out, and they get annoyingly sweaty.

  • 3

    How sexual are your boobs to you?

    Every woman who responded said their breasts are NOT sexual. The nipples can be. But mostly, men's reactions to breasts are way more sexual than women's.

  • 4

    Do you ever get random bouts of horniness where you feel wetness down below?

    Women say yes, that does happen, sometimes even for the entire week when they're leading up to ovulation.

  • 5

    What really goes on when you go to the bathroom before sex?

    Women said they're almost always peeing, making sure everything looks right and was shaved right, and checking for toilet paper crumbs down there.

  • 6

    Do you care if a guy is circumcised or uncircumcised?

    The women were split or didn't care, although no one seemed to have a specific problem with circumcision, and a few had issues with uncircumcised.

  • 7

    What subtle hints do you use when you want a guy to ask you out?

    Women ask about a guy's interests to try to lead to him saying, "We should do that together sometime." Some ask if he has a girlfriend.

  • 8

    What do you really think of threesomes?

    Most women said it wasn't something that really interests them. Of the ones that were interested, all of them said they wouldn't want to share their husband or boyfriend.