Last week's 'Band to Band Combat' was another great match up! An epic battle between Otherwise and Surrender The Fall! Both bands came to fight and were evenly matched. It wasn't a total ass kicking like last week's battle with P.O.D. but it was close. Surrender The Fall started out strong but were spent by the third round and were eventually beaten down. Otherwise took out their competitor with 74.7% of the vote and another K.O. They now have a (2-0) record and advance in the competition to take on another opponent. This week they'll be in the Rocktagon with Volbeat trying to make the 'Hat Trick' and go three in a row! If they can do it they'll be a part of the heavy weight division to take on other bands in the same class for the Z94 'Band To Band Combat' title! Who decides the winner? You do!

This week's match up features Otherwise vs Volbeat in an all out war! Vote for your favorite today Otherwise 'Soldiers' or Volbeat 'Still Counting'. Winner takes all, loser goes home. Let's get ready to rumble!