Last week's 'Band to Band Combat' was another ass kickin' match up! An epic battle royal between Volbeat and Halestorm. The big rematch after the tie week before last. This time we got a winner! Both bands came to fight and didn't disappoint. In the end Volbeat ruled the Rocktagon with a solid win taking out Halestorm with 43.56% of the vote! With an official record now of (2-0) Volbeat advances this week to take on another competitor in their quest to the Heavy Weight title!

This week's match up features Volbeat vs P.O.D. in an all out war! They face off in the Rocktagon for an official bout, vote for your favorite today. Volbeat 'Heaven Nor Hell' or P.O.D. "Lost In Forever". Winner takes all, loser goes home. Let's get it on!