July was a busy month for us here at Z94. We reported on many stories daily from Slander, the scariest video game you will ever see, to the hottest U.S. female Olympians. Take a look at the top 5 stories that you read the most last month!



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    Slender - the scariest video game ever made: It's credited as being the scariest video game ever made! Introducing 'Slender' by Parsec Productions. A first person horror game for P.C. that puts you in a dark forest near a campsite where you must collect eight pages or manuscripts that detail the identity and legend of the game's villain. The one and only Slender Man!

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    Hot 2012 USA Female Athletes: Yesterday we introduced you to to 7 beautiful Olympians from across the pond, well today we will show you 7 home grown Olympians that are beautiful and hopefully at the end of the 2012 Olympics they will have brought home the gold.

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    The Dark Knight Rises with Robin the Wonder Boy: This Friday (07-20-12) The Dark Knight Rises will finally be in theaters! Sadly it will finish up the series and end the legend of Batman, at least for now. There’s a lot of questions that still need to be answered and just one film left. One question some fans are asking is “Where’s Robin the Boy Wonder?” Okay so not a lot of fans are asking about this. It would be funny to see Robin, as in the old school 1960′s Robin make an appearance in The Dark Knight.

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