Depending on how long you've lived in Lawton, odds are you've always heard that the "Center of the Universe" was located at 2nd Street and Gore Boulevard in downtown Lawton, but in a higher case of marketing shenanigans, it's actually located in Tulsa.

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In what we would call an alley between a parking lot and a few places where parkers work nearby, there is an oddly and accidentally designed flaw in the Matrix known as the Tulsa Center of the Universe.

It looks similar to every once-upscale aging relic of a walkway from an engineering era long-lost to time, but it still remains because of one curiosity. The acoustics.

Apparently, if you stand in the middle of this circular walkway in the smaller circle that is marked there, anything you say is amplified and echoed back to you much louder than you originally said it.

If you've ever spent time in a classic YMCA indoor swimming pool area or caught a concert at the worst music venue in the state, the Chesapeake Energy Arena, you totally know what I'm talking about. That echo slaps back off the surrounding concrete with a vengeance... but that's not the only thing that makes this Center of the Universe thing weird.

While your own echo is amplified and slung back into your ear canals while standing in the designated spot, anyone who is within what we would normally consider ear-shot is apparently not in on the joke, as if to say, they won't hear you even though you can loudly hear yourself.

What is this dark magic?

It's crazy to think you could totally bust off your own eardrums in one spot, but your friends standing twenty feet away wouldn't be able to hear a thing, or at least if they're able to hear you, it's said to be a very muffled, changed, non-normal sounding version of your voice.

While Tulsa continues to rebuild its city block by block, this is one of the exceptions that they have vowed to never touch. It's just too curious of a spot and nobody can explain the phenomenon through engineering.

The next time you make it up that way, you might pop in. Parking is literally right next to it.

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