Owner Video Chats With Dog From Quarantine
A nurse who's been stuck in quarantine at the nursing home she works for has a special reunion with her dog via video chat. They've been separated for three weeks and when she gets on the phone and does her special whistle the dog let's her know how much she's missed.
Giant Mastiff Takes to the Agility Course With Style
The search is finally over, at long last I've found my spirit animal. This giant mastiff recently competed in a dog show and when it came to the agility course he absolutely nailed it. The mastiff is a huge animal and they can weight over 200 pounds so normally you don't think of this bree…
Praying Mantis Vs. Murder Hornet
Praying Mantis Vs. Murder Hornet. It sounds like a rip off B-Horror title that's sure to take place somewhere in the Godzilla universe, well it's not. This friends is 100% real, I know right. Damn nature you scary!
Being Stung By A Murder Hornet Is No Joke
If you've been on the interwebs in the past few days I'm sure you've heard about the new threat facing mankind, the Murder Hornet. As if the COVID-19 pandemic, severe weather and all the other issues we're currently facing weren't enough.
Meteorologist's Forecast From Home Interrupted By His Dog Brody
Recently while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic a Tampa Bay Meteorologist had his forecast interrupted by his dog. Meet Brody the newest internet superstar. Doing his part to help not only with the forecast, but to cheer people up and bring some much needed happiness and relief during …
Behold the American Hedgehog Warrior in all His Glory!
It's been a struggle to keep entertained, especially if you're a sports fan. Luckily we have Pepper the hedgehog. She's an incredible athlete with a knack for obstacle courses. Her owner/trainer has been sharing videos of her accomplishments while stuck in self-quarantine. Good news, …

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