Insane Inflatable 5K Lawton [Photos]
I didn't think I was ever going to get through all the photos. Here they are, feel free to download them and share them on social media. If you share the photos, please use the hashtag #InsaneInflatable5KLawton. Thanks and enjoy!
Insane Training 101: Nutrition With Critter
Get Insane with Critter as he shows you how he achieved his well toned manly physique with the Air Force! With the Red River Chevy Dealers Insane Inflatables 5K just over a month away, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for this epic event.
‘The Crusher’ To Be Inducted Into WWE Hall
As a former professional wrestler, I generally take inductions into the WWE Hall of Fame with a grain of salt. A honor based on success, in a profession where success is often awarded and not earned.
Except for Connor "The Crusher" Michalek...
The Legends And Traditions Of St. Patrick’s Day
By: Megan Bell
St. Patrick was a priest who spent his life converting the Irish to Christianity. He used the three-leafed shamrock to describe the theory of the Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Legend says he put the curse of God on all the venomous snakes in Ireland and led them to t…

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