Yeah, I was pretty pissed last night, too. Not nearly as mad as the guy in this video, though.

His reaction to the embarrassing loss the Cowboys suffered against the Cardinals last night was to take a drink of his beer and then chunk that thing right at the TV, smashing the screen. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

He then walked over to it and punched it three times before throwing it to the floor. And that’s when things really escalated, because believe it or not, the TV still wasn’t completely dead. So, he finished it off by pulling out his pistol and firing four shots into it.

It ain’t easy being a fan of the Cowboys these days. We’ve lost our franchise quarterback for the year and the defense is the worst I can remember.

I’m not even gonna sit here and pretend everything’s going to be ok since the ‘Boys are still sitting in first place in the terrible NFC East division. I just can’t imagine them turning things around at any point this year.

So, I guess I’ll just sit back and watch the dumpster fire that is the Cowboys’ 2020 season…and hopefully not feel the need to unload on my big screen.

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